Fireworks Night


If fire is a female

she must be the spirit of a noblewoman

who died attending court

her loud screams fill the air – Katherine on her torture wheel

The curst who cant be tamed steams in booms and clambers

folk’s hand against her coffin hammers - but silent she will never be

her blood trails down the starry skies silver every remembers night

so that any attempt at rebellion take fright

a house divided, at his attack but he won’t succeed and that is fact

as Kat finds her love to souls meet across the sky

and the screaming, booming, searing dies

everyone remembers the gun powdered plot – but of the pain the people forgot

So as the darkness consumes the skies – join the ghostly Congo as it reaches God’s Gates

see their lives across the skies – all that ever lived and died for king and country

as the seven stars glitter fills your eyes, don’t let the dangers come as a surprise…

be safe.

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