A list of the Nations Greatest Poets.

Comment and add you own favourite poet.

Contemporary Poets

1. Natasha Trethewey

2. Maya Angelou

3. Billy Collins

4. Naomi Shihab Nye

5. Gary Soto

6. Nikki Giovanni

7. Mary Oliver

8. Rita Dove

9. Charles Simic

10. Jack Prelutsky

12. Adrienne Rich

13. Lucille Clifton

14. John Ashbery

15. Yusef Komunyakaa

16. Mark Strand

17. Donald Hall

18. Louise Glück

19. Sharon Olds

20. Sonia Sanchez

Historical Poets

1. Robert Frost

2. Emily Dickinson

3. Langston Hughes

4. Walt Whitman

5. E. E. Cummings

6. Sylvia Plath

7. Edgar Allan Poe

8. William Shakespeare

9. William Blake

10. William Carlos Williams

11.Lord Alfred Tennyson

12.John Dunn

13. T.S.Ellot

14. Robert Browning

15. Elizabeth Barret-Browning



Envy: Female’s Fiery Flaw

I have been asleep through the summer.

Now He returns, shadows slide across the walls,

Jumping and dancing, Jumping and dancing.

Suddenly my bright green eyes flare alight,

My Master’s figure within my sight

I Envy the cold winters chill, that trickles, down,

Trails down, His shivering spine.

The one that peers through the window plain.

That same blasted, winter’s rain

That took hold of My Master’s lips,

And with her frosted kiss Turned them Blue.

The same blabbering, Qurystal Queen

Whose touch tingled My Master’s toes

I laugh mirthlessly at the poor pathetic chill,

As My Master has no eye for her.

She can claw at the windows, She can look

For a way inside My Master’s temple,

But she will never have His heart: for it is Fire-filled.

I Envy the rain’s dew-drops, as her fingers

Carefully caress My Master’s cheek.

But she will not stand with Him as long as I.

I will burn her first and watch her die.

My smothering, smoking hair,

Bleeds Black into My Midnight dress.

My coal Burns Bright in anticipation,

Waiting, waiting-waiting,

For My Master’s touch.

As He reaches to warm his frosted fingers,

My lightning Lips reveal my ashen tongue,

“Burn, burn, fire of mine”

But just when My Master commands me thus

I lay back, wiping the embers from my eyes,

Master is safe, Master is fine.

I let My Blacken hair cover my face

The black consumes me and I sleep once more.


Aparted Nations


All nations apart now shift,

like land formed from continental drift,

 rivers of salty tears separate memories of happier years and bring the fears,

although this dis-unification depresses our decrepit nation,

we gain knowledge and information 

with these lessons that are learned,

we’ll come to the conclusion we must be concerned 

with the woes of a fellow man,

to truly know what it means to be human- respect must be earned

there is a moral barrier as to what you can’t, and you can

and of these commands you must understand

to apply to your heart or implore with your mind

and maybe one day we’ll be part of the same land…


Do you Ever

do you ever fight for so long, but no matter your effort it all goes wrong?

do you ever want to lie down, and say to the world I don’t give a damn!

after a hard days trudge, and you’re all done in, you scream from inside I give in!

you’re feeling the squeeze, the hangman’s noose, scream for someone to cut you loose,

there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and deep in you heart you hope he’s satisfied

the devil, spinner, the puppeteer, winner

but you know what

Fuck him

you scream now

and he wins

you cant loose what you’ve already lost

this life is only temporary

if he wins

it’s because you let him

so stand like a man

and let God be your champion

Judge a book by the cover…

white hair-brained wisdom

secrets hiding in

bagged buff crinkled lines,

mark for every signal sin

experience’s bright spark

flame found there in.

what is the world to judge this little old dear

who lives alone?

like a corpse built

melted to the bone?

as the fire burns

inside her home.

rips in the rucksack

broken buckles on walking boots

and for some reason

the landlord shoots.

all those filthy feet wished

was to stop.


but because he’s a tramp

dead would be best

yeah cus your so much better than the rest.


in the tights


on her face

she was just the girl

in the wrong place.

harlot you shout

slut you say –

she’s just the young ‘un

that’s lost her way

sweet sixteen this very day

and to every predator

easy pray

an easy lay

so next time



so next time



careful my friend

next time you see


the next


could be on me!

I felt like Happy Feet

it was a special moment when I was skating across the white glittering ice. You were my support, you never let go though the circulation was gone from your fingers. I was flying – and I loved it! even if I felt my heart beat thumping in my ears. adrenalin flowed through my veins and buzzed though every inch of me. I felt like a child walking for the first time unsure of where to trod. I spied  tiny tots griping the bars- it was ironic they were so young but they still needed a Zimmer-frame ! Like little Bambi on the icy lake with his feet sliding and clumsy knees buckling. it wasn’t something you could run from easily, I can tell you. but if I fell then so did he, that is just like life you see. when I fall he pulls me up and we tred carefully as if on egg shells. but at last we reach the barrier – the finish-line, the race and I knew there was nothing to fear- I knew I was safe.

Meet the strangest family in the universe!

 It all started with the birth of Mary Poppins in 1889. Poppins was a time-traveller who by flying with her umbrella up could help children as a nanny, she also had a carpet-bag which was basically a bottomless pit: although it looked like just a regular handbag from the outside it could contain everything she wanted or needed a the time whether it was a book or a hat stand. And so the legacy started…

Poppins married Bert (who could also appear out of nowhere)

In the year 1963 Poppins gave birth to Dr Who the famous Time- Lord who’s ship seems like just a normal telephone box from the outside. He married Fellow Time-Lady Sarah-Jane Smith in 1973.

Smith and the Doctor created Dr Emmett Brown on June 3rd 1985 Know for the first attempt at making a car time-travel and later a train). Brown Married Sarah Clayton after going back to the old west where he developed a time-travel train. they had two children Jules and Vern Brown by May 5th 1990. Vern Married Jane Granger and for the proposes of security took the name Granger in 1978 (during the marauders last year at Hogwarts) they had the last of the line a daughter: Hermione Granger in 1997. she is famous for her time-turner and her bottom-less handbag!